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英國循道公會蜜惠堂是一間華人教會,成立於1998年,由一群97前移民來英的香港人創辦,由當初的家庭團契直到現在教會成立已有24年。感謝神的帶領,蜜惠堂早年正式加入英國循道公會,現隸屬北肯特郡聯區(North Kent Circuit)。蜜惠堂會友包括來自香港、中國內地、台灣、馬來西亞和英國的華人。 本堂致力傳揚福音和服侍華人社群, 並在2019年成立蜜惠中文學校,以普通話和廣東話教學。

The Medway Chinese Methodist Church is a Chinese church founded in 1998 by a group of Hong Kong people who immigrated to the UK before 1997.  It was originally started as a family fellowship 24 years ago. Thanks to God’s guidance, we have joined the Methodist Church and we are now part of the North Kent Circuit.  We have members from Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia and the UK.  Our aim is to spread the Gospel and to serve the Chinese community at large.  In 2019, the Medway Chinese School was established to teach Mandarin and Cantonese,  and to pass on the traditional Chinese culture to new generations.

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按照我們會祖, 約翰衛斯理的教導,

循着基督的正道而行; 追求成聖。


鼓勵信徒要以基督的心為心去關懷眾人, 並要學像基督, 效法祂的榜樣, 盡心, 盡性, 盡意, 盡力去愛神及愛人。

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